Congratulations on your decision to introduce e-learning to your organization. E-learning is the best method to introduce or reinforce knowledge to several audiences across multiple locations, easily and efficiently. With the advances in learning technologies, rapid e-learning is becoming the premier method for providing the right information at the right time to the right audience(s).

Our Process + Practice

Not unlike the big 10 e-learning companies, Proximity Learning follows a design and development process that takes into consideration your:

  • Key business goals
  • Key strengths and challenges
  • Internal resources (such as existing content) that can be leveraged to produce modules quickly, efficiently, and economically

Our practice is your solution. Through a vetted process, we will work with you to:

  • Identify the areas where rapid e-learning can have the biggest impact
  • Assess your existing content and help you appoint the right resources
  • Quickly prototype the look and tone for of your elearning
  • Develop a set of modules that will be motivational and meaningful
  • Implement these modules in a timely and efficient manner
  • Evaluate the success and demonstrate to senior leadership your ROI

Our Promise

As a result of our practice, we will leave you with:

  • A solid analysis of where your organization can benefit from rapid e-learning
  • A strategic instructional map that you can implement over a period of time dictated by your time and resources
  • A solid foundation of e-learning modules
  • A culture that embraces e-learning
  • A working process and a set of tools that you can easily adopt to ultimately bring the process and practice in-house

Instructor Led Tip

Designing instructor led training starts with conducting a series of analyses to determine your audience's needs and developing appropriate learning objectives. The titan guru Rober Mager does it best with his book series and this article.

Printed Doc Tip

There is nothing worse than a confusing array of screen shots in a technical manual with poor call-outs. We enjoy using Snag-It because it has so many easy to use annotation features. Read more about it here.


e-Learning Tip

New to e-learning? Primarily authoring with Articulate's Studio '09 rapid e-learning authoring suite, we highlgy recommend our clients avail themselves of Tom's Rapid E-Learning Blog.