While e-learning is taking great shape and speed and revolutionizing how organizations deliver training, some instances simply require instructor-led training. Such instances where there's great benefit in group collaboration, immediate feedback is required and/or an in-person facilitator needs to manage and monitor the learner's experience.

Proximity Learning brings a wealth of experience in managing as well as designing, developing and delivering instructor-led training. We specialize in the development and delivery of end-user navigations training that accompanies the implementation and roll-out of enterprise-wide systems, such as a customer relationship management or clinical care management tool. We can assist you with every aspect of your implementation, from documenting key workflows to developing internal train-the-trainer programs.

Our Process + Practice

Through a vetted process, we will work with you to:

  • Assess your target audience's skill and performance levels
  • Review changes in key workflows and roles as the result of implementing a new system
  • Define and develop content for each target audience based on those levels and key workflows
  • Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams through each phase of the implementation
  • Leverage content developed for user-acceptance testing (UAT) to produce end-user training (EUT) materials
  • Develop and deliver engaging end-user training (EUT)
  • Develop internal train-the-trainer programs with super users and key subject matter experts as needed

Our Promise

Recognizing that an effective technical training roll-out influences the fate of your business, we will deliver:

  • A roll-out plan that is manageable and executable
  • Motivational training sessions
  • Well organized manuals, with accompanying online tutorials and/or quick reference cards
  • Custom training sessions for each group of end-users to minimize the impact on productivity



Instructor Led Tip

Designing instructor led training starts with conducting a series of analyses to determine your audience's needs and developing appropriate learning objectives. The titan guru Rober Mager does it best with his book series and this article.

Printed Doc Tip

There is nothing worse than a confusing array of screen shots in a technical manual with poor call-outs. We enjoy using Snag-It because it has so many easy to use annotation features. Read more about it here.


e-Learning Tip

New to e-learning? Primarily authoring with Articulate's Studio '09 rapid e-learning authoring suite, we highlgy recommend our clients avail themselves of Tom's Rapid E-Learning Blog.