Reference Documents

Advances in technology, like tablets, are making it easier and easier to get the information you need at the touch of a finger.  Context-based learning -- such as clicking a link to a diagram that explains a workflow you need to follow to complete a task in the moment -- is becoming more and more the norm.  For this reason, our blended learning solutions also include designing and developing reference documents such as flow charts, white papers, and job aids to assist the learning process, which can be accessed online or printed.

Our Process + Practice

We draw upon these key design principles to organize information into meaningful and appropriate chunks:

Information Mapping™ - A methodology that makes it easy to quickly assess the types of information you're trying to convey and how to distinguish them for effective presentation and documentation.

Mind Mapping - A graphical method for diagramming simple to complex ideas by paying attention to logical groupings of information based on context and meaning.

We will work with you to:
  • Identify existing content that can be leveraged to streamline the documentation process
  • Analyze the purpose and application for each support piece to ensure it meets your audience's needs
  • Design and develop content using Microsoft applications to enable you to make future updates easily
  • Make sure such support materials work in conjunction with other learning solutions


Our Promise

We will deliver high-quality context-based reference materials that are visually engaging and enhance learning.

Instructor Led Tip

Designing instructor led training starts with conducting a series of analyses to determine your audience's needs and developing appropriate learning objectives. The titan guru Rober Mager does it best with his book series and this article.

Printed Doc Tip

There is nothing worse than a confusing array of screen shots in a technical manual with poor call-outs. We enjoy using Snag-It because it has so many easy to use annotation features. Read more about it here.


e-Learning Tip

New to e-learning? Primarily authoring with Articulate's Studio '09 rapid e-learning authoring suite, we highlgy recommend our clients avail themselves of Tom's Rapid E-Learning Blog.