While the world is spinning round with advances in science, technology, and education, one thing remains constant: learning enables us to thrive and to be innovative.

Is your organization or are your products and services in a state of rapid growth or solid maturity?

Wherever you or they are on the bell curve of progress, learning never stops!

And, each stage presents its own learning challenges and needs for internal employees, such as self-paced onboarding content to year-end performance appraisal management training.

Similarly, external clients require different degrees of training on product and service offerings. From self-paced simulations on your newest software product or mobile application to end-user conferences on your suite of products.

Instructor Led Tip

Designing instructor led training starts with conducting a series of analyses to determine your audience's needs and developing appropriate learning objectives. The titan guru Rober Mager does it best with his book series and this article.

Printed Doc Tip

There is nothing worse than a confusing array of screen shots in a technical manual with poor call-outs. We enjoy using Snag-It because it has so many easy to use annotation features. Read more about it here.


e-Learning Tip

New to e-learning? Primarily authoring with Articulate's Studio '09 rapid e-learning authoring suite, we highlgy recommend our clients avail themselves of Tom's Rapid E-Learning Blog.